Here's some of my recent web development work. I've worked with individuals, non-profits, arts organisations, and hopefully you!

Autistic Theatremakers Alliance (ATA)


The ATA is is a 501(c)(3) organization designed to uplift autistic artists in the American theatre via advocacy, community events, and grant awards. I worked with the officers of this new non-profit to conceive of an easily navigable site with a clear structure. I created a primary palette that remained true to their brand, while also ensuring high contrast ratios. I was able to implement a dark mode toggle, print styles, and robust sitemaps, and I helped set up and integrate all of the third-party tools necessary for their work.

Visit the ATA's website

Tech Stack: Eleventy, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design, Hosting, Consulting

Luísa Galatti

Public Offering

Luísa has many talents, and they all needed to be displayed on her new site. A simple, elegant design lets the many photos of her work shine. We also felt it important to highlight her international footprint, so the site is translated into both Portuguese and English. Backed by a custom Node.js CMS.

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Tech Stack: Eleventy, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design, Hosting

Some Must Watch While Some Must Sleep


Built the front- and back-end stack for a texting play, allowing performers to access the script and easily text multiple participants. The work was presented at the 2021 Festival of Live Digital Art (FOLDA)

A later iteration allowed particpants to interact with their sleeping self using a fine-tuned AI model. This version was presented at PushOFF 2023.

Process conversation at Playwrights Theatre Centre

Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL, Hosting, Design, Vonage, GPT-3



Flight is a new form of hybrid theatrical space by Anonymous Ensemble. It brings together performers and audience members from anywhere in the world with Internet access, and when a performance had to suddenly pivot to fully digital, the company wanted to recreate part of the venue digitally. I placed audience members in the clouds, surrounded by flying creatures, and also granted them the ability to fly themsleves. The environment was peppered with inside jokes and references to the venue, including their large, multicolored stained glass windows.

Months later, I built a second space that consisted of a warehouse with talking portraits of previous Flight performers.

Tech Stack: Unity, Node.js, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Color Generator


A minimal, fullscreen color generator to test my React skills. Allows for greyscale color generation and outputs both RGB and hex color codes.

Generate some colors

Tech Stack: React, Redux

Margaret Hall


Margaret does a little bit of everything, and her website needed to have a spot for it all. After doing some content management on her existing Squarespace site, she approached me about redesigning it. I moved her from Squarespace to WordPress to lower hosting costs and provide her with an interface that allowed her to edit what she needed without too much hassle.

I built a custom theme, migrated and categorised all of her exisitng content, and set it all up on a low-cost shared CPU machine that cut her yearly costs by over 60%; open-source is the way to go.

Visit Margaret's website

Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Design, Hosting

Custom WordPress Theme and PHP Development

Leibowitz Branding & Design

Built and/or maintained custom WordPress themes for dozens of client sites with third-party data feeds and plugins. (Selected sites: Geller, Paragon Data Labs, The Financial Communication Society (FCS))

Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Third-party data feeds